what supplies are needed for a (half) marathon
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What supplies are needed for a (half) marathon?

Are you going to run a marathon for the first time this year? Or are you a seasoned runner eager to improve your record? Whatever your background, one thing is certain: a marathon is a huge challenge that requires thorough preparation. Besides physical training, it is equally important to have the right supplies to ensure you are ready for the big day. In this blog, we will share with you the essential supplies for a successful marathon. Read on quickly!

Comfortable running shoes

The right running shoes are essential for running a marathon. You will cover hundreds of miles during your training sessions and the marathon itself, so it is vital to have comfortable shoes that fit your feet and running style well. Invest in a pair of running shoes that offer the right cushioning, support and fit to minimize injuries and optimize your performance. Make sure you break in your shoes well in advance so that they feel perfect on the day of the marathon.

Breathable clothing

You will sweat a lot during a marathon, so it is important to wear breathable clothing that wicks away sweat and keeps you cool and dry. Choose running clothes made from moisture-wicking materials to minimize friction and keep you comfortable during long distances. Remember to test your outfit during workouts to make sure it is comfortable. You don't want the clothing to pinch or chafe in certain areas. Seams can also cause irritation, so try on your clothes regularly.

Moisture and nutrition

Hydration and nutrition are crucial during a marathon. You lose many fluids because you sweat, so make sure you carry enough water and/or sports drinks to stay hydrated during the race. It is also important to provide yourself with enough fuel to maintain energy levels. Consider taking energy gels, energy bars or other snacks with you to fuel yourself during the race and avoid an energy dip.

GPS watch

Wearing a GPS watch while running a marathon has several advantages. For instance, a GPS watch has an accurate heart rate monitor. This allows you to accurately keep track of whether you are going over your own limits. It is also nice to listen to your favourite music while running. Listening to the right music will get you through those last gruelling kilometres! A GPS watch also has many advantages when training for a marathon. It allows you to do interval training and follow different sports profiles.

Running socks and compression tubes

Running socks or compression tubes are frequently worn. These tubes are made of elastic materials that exert pressure on the muscles of the legs and calves. This can help improve blood flow and support the muscles. This, in turn, leads to reduced muscle fatigue and faster recovery after the marathon. Moreover, compression tubes can also help reduce swelling and inflammation, which in turn can contribute to a more comfortable running experience during a long-distance run such as a marathon.


For many runners, using Vaseline is an essential part of their sports equipment. Vaseline is often used to reduce friction. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to sensitive areas such as the armpits, nipples, thighs and feet can help prevent blisters and chafing. Vaseline has a smooth and soft texture that helps keep skin supple and reduces friction between skin and clothing. Moreover, Vaseline also protects the skin from wind and cold, making running in changing weather conditions a breeze!

Marathon running aids

In addition to the products mentioned above, there are a number of aids that can make running a marathon a lot easier. Does the mercury rise to tropical temperatures during the marathon? Then wearing a cooling towel or a cooling bandana, for example, is indispensable. But kinesiology tape or running insoles will also be helpful. You will find a complete overview of our aids for successfully running a marathon in our running aids.

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