what to do about a twisted knee
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What to do about a twisted knee?

You twisted your knee, now what? Twisting of the knee is a common occurrence. It is a very annoying complaint which, fortunately, can be remedied quickly. We would like to tell you more about the origin, the symptoms and the treatment of a twisted knee. Read on below:

How does a twisted knee occur?

A twisted knee occurs, for example, when you make a wrong movement or when you practise sport intensively. Twisting of the knee also occurs when you suddenly decide to take up another sport. Your body then still has to get used to making different movements, and this can lead to injury.

What are the symptoms of a twisted knee?

When you twist your knee, swelling often occurs around the joint. The knee is painful and in some cases the knee has a strange position. Knee instability can also be a consequence of a twisted knee.

What can you do when you have twisted your knee?

When you have just twisted your knee, it is important to rest and cool it with an ice pack. Next, it is necessary to determine whether there is a fracture in the knee. If that is the case, a plaster cast or pressure bandage should be applied. If a pressure bandage is chosen, it must remain in place for 24 hours, and you should keep your leg raised as much as possible to reduce swelling. After 24 hours, you can wear an elastic stocking. Walk on crutches as much as possible during the first few days. A plaster splint will be applied for 5 days. You have to walk with crutches these days to relieve the plaster splint and your painful knee as much as possible. After these five days, you will return to the hospital to have your knee re-evaluated. A follow-up course such as physiotherapy or surgery will then be chosen. This depends entirely on how your knee is doing. When the knee is twisted, the symptoms usually disappear within six weeks. If this is not the case, additional examination will be carried out. We strongly recommend wearing a knee brace. They offer support, protection and stability.

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