What to do against sweaty feet
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What to do against sweaty feet

Everyone suffers from sweaty feet from time to time. Especially in hot weather or wearing shoes that are too warm, the problem is common. However, the severity of sweaty feet varies from person to person. Some even have extreme sweaty feet, where they have constantly wet feet while the feet feel cold. But what exactly are sweaty feet?

What are sweaty feet?

With extreme sweaty feet, you have constantly wet feet. In addition, you may suffer from a burning sensation, cold feet and an unpleasant odour on the feet. The warm, moist environment of the foot and the breeding ground of dead skin cells are the perfect combination for the growth of bacteria and fungi. This ultimately creates a nasty smell on the feet. Sweaty feet are caused by stress, physical activity, poor physical condition, poorly ventilated shoes and/or socks, incorrect fit of the shoes, medication or other conditions. But how can sweaty feet be treated?

What to do against sweaty feet

There are a number of tips that will help you treat sweaty feet. The most important tips have been listed for you.

Washing and drying your feet

Good foot hygiene is essential. Therefore, try to wash your feet regularly with (possibly) antibacterial soap. This actually kills bacteria, reducing the production of nasty odours. Humidity is a factor that actually feeds bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is important to dry your feet well after washing them, too. When doing so, don't forget to dry well between the toes. If you have extreme sweaty feet, you can also choose to powder the feet after drying. These will kill the bacteria, which will make the feet smell less.

Change your socks regularly

If you suffer from sweaty feet, it is recommended to change your socks regularly. This way, the bacteria cannot reproduce further in the socks, keeping away the unpleasant odours. Wash the old socks at a high temperature to kill all bacteria. You can also choose to wear silver socks. These socks provide good circulation and moisture to the feet, making it difficult for bacteria to reproduce.

Wear breathable insoles in your shoes

It may help to wear breathable insoles in your shoes. These insoles regulate the air inside the shoe, which means your feet are less likely to heat up, and you will therefore sweat less.

Wear the right shoes

Wear shoes made of material that ventilates well, and wear shoes that will not pinch. It is also important to take your shoes off regularly (where possible) to let your feet, as well as your shoes, dry for a while so that the moisture disappears. This way, you take away an important feeding source of bacteria, reducing the chances of them multiplying.

Take good care of your feet

Finally, it is advisable to take good care of your feet. Therefore, try to cut your nails regularly and remove calluses. This is because it creates many bacteria around the foot.


So, when you suffer from sweaty feet, it is advisable to treat your feet properly. For this purpose, Podobrace offers the perfect products that will help you treat them, making the symptoms disappear quickly. 

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