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What you should know before buying a Walking Frame

Walking more difficult lately? Or experiencing less strength in your legs and feet? Then it might be the right time to purchase a walking frame. But what's important to know before you purchase such a frame? We, Podobrace, will explain what you need to know before you proceed to purchase one of our walking frames.

What's a Walking Frame?

It's actually simple. A walking frame is nothing more than a Metal frame with four legs. It's stable and will give you support while you're walking.

When to use a Walking Frame?

If you start to notice that the strength in your legs and feet is starting to decrease, or your coordination is deteriorating, then it's time for a such a frame. A walking frame will offer you support and stability. Walking frames offer additional support to people who are at a greater risk of falling. A walker is perfect for the shorter distances, like walking in and around your house.

How to use a Walker?

Stand behind the walking frame and grab the handles with both hands. Lift the walker with both hands and place it one step ahead of you. Take one step forward and use your weakest leg first, then the other. Pay mind not to step too close into the walker. When you're standing still again, you can repeat this action. Want to sit down using your walker? Stand against the chair with the back of your legs against the chair and the walker placed in front of you. Place your hands on the armrests and lean forward to sit down carefully. Want to get up again? Place the walker in front of the chair. Grasp the handles of the walker with both hands and carefully push yourself up.

How to maintain a Walking Frame?

A walking frame is low in maintenance and easy to clean. You can keep it clean by wiping it with a wet cloth. Never use abrasive or scouring pads.

Useful Tips

After reading these useful tips, nothing will be in your way of buying one of our walking frames. Podobrace has different types of walkers for sale. They are all light in weight and easy to fold. The height of the walker is easy to adjust. The anti-slip caps provide excellent grip and the walker fits over the toilet. With our assortment of walking frames, you're assured of moving in a safe and comfortable way again.

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