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What's a rollator?

A rollator is a medical aid that helps you stay mobile for longer and prevents you from falling. It is a walker on wheels that is often equipped with a basket for storing things. Also, a rollator often has a seat that you can sit on when you want to rest.

How is a rollator used?

A rollator gives you extra support and is very simple to use. There are a few things to consider when using the rollator for the first time.


It is very important that you have your feet between the rear wheels when walking. Stay close to the rollator and between the handles when walking. Make sure that you do not hang any bags on the handles of the rollator! Most rollators are equipped with a basket, so use that for storage.

Set the right height

For your safety, it is very important that you adjust the rollator to the right height. When you adjust the rollator too high, you risk neck and shoulder problems because you are walking with raised shoulders. When you adjust the rollator to a low position, you will have the wrong posture because the rollator offers too little support.

Parking brake

Do you want to take a break on the way? Put the rollator on the parking brake. When the rollator is on the brake, it is safe to sit in the seat.


Are you walking with your rollator and do you want to get off the pavement? Always try to find a sloped threshold. This helps you to get off the pavement easily and safely. No sloped threshold in sight? Then use the brakes. With these, you can also get off the pavement in a safe and responsible way.

Why use a rollator?

When you get older, your mobility will decrease. As a result, your independence will also decrease, and this is an unpleasant feeling. You can regain control of your own life by using a rollator. Shopping, visiting family or just walking around the house, it will all be possible again with the help of a rollator.

When to use a rollator?

It is difficult to give global advice for the purchase of a rollator. When this is needed is very personal and different for everyone. For many people, it is a difficult step to choose to use a rollator. While it has nothing but advantages and increases the mobility and independence. Furthermore, it is also perfect for your health because with a rollator, you remain mobile.

Ordering a rollator online?

Would you like more information on the purchase and use of a rollator? Please contact our customer service. They are made up of medical specialists and can answer all your questions. Podobrace guarantees products of the highest quality. If you order the products before 10:59 PM, they will be shipped the next day!

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