what's an overstreched knee
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What's an overstretched knee?

Overstretching your knee is very painful and annoying. We would like to explain the symptoms, the diagnosis and the treatment methods for a knee strain. Read on below:

What's an overstretched knee?

When the knee is overstretched, the lower leg moves out of its normal position. This can damage your knee ligaments. When the knee is overstretched, the lower leg is pushed too far forward. An overstretched knee can occur due to various factors/causes. For example, a slip and fall, but also after nerve damage or a stroke.


There are several symptoms that occur when you overstretch your knee. The knee may turn blue and swell. If the swelling of the knee is slow, it is because the knee is filling with fluid. You may also experience pain when overstretching your knee.

How is an overstretched knee diagnosed?

Your attending physician will examine you physically and use this examination to reach a diagnosis and, if necessary, refer you to an orthopaedic specialist or hospital. If your doctor deems it necessary, the orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital will perform keyhole surgery or an MRI scan to determine that your knee is overstretched.

What treatments are available?

Fortunately, there are several treatments available to remedy or support an overstretched knee. Treatment by a physiotherapist is also always recommended. If the complaints are not serious, an overstretched knee can easily be treated by wearing a knee support. If the instability or damage are more serious, an operation is recommended.

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