whats hallux valgus and how to solve it
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What's Hallux Valgus, and how do I solve it?

Hallux Valgus is a very common complaint. When you're suffering from this condition, your big toe deviates from your other toes. Because your big toe deviates, a lump starts to form that can cause a lot of pain complaints. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the condition called Hallux Valgus, what causes it, what the symptoms are, and who you can consult best for advice on how to solve it.

What exactly is Hallux Valgus?

A foot with Hallux Valgus, is a foot with a deviating big toe. The metatarsal bone has turned outwards, and is growing towards the smaller toes. This often shows as a lump becoming visible on the outside of the big toe. Because this lump sticks out rather far, it will start to rub against your shoe. This can cause serious pain complaints, inflammations, open wounds and skin irritations.

What causes it, and what are the complaints?

There are still many discussions about what causes this condition, and it's still not entirely certain what causes it. Researchers think that it is caused by people forcing their feet into unnatural positions, like narrow shoes or high-heel shoes. In some cases, it is genetically determined. Hallux Valgus very rarely occurs with people that walk around barefoot a lot. The majority of patients have a mild form, for which treatment isn't necessary.

Patients with a severe form of Hallux Valgus usually experience the following symptoms:

How do I treat Hallux Valgus?

Hallux Valgus can be treated in many ways. Most people only experience mild complaints. For mild complaints, the products of Podobrace can be used to help get the affected toe back in its natural position, and reduce complaints. Our products vary from splints to insoles and toe separators. All of these products can be used to reduce complaints, and possibly even make them disappear. When suffering from the most severe form of Hallux Valgus, surgery will have to be done. This is a minor surgery, after which, the toes have to be kept in place until everything is healed. For this, you can also use the products from our assortment.

For the more common complaints, you can use these products instantly to straighten your big toe and reduce complaints. There are also special exercises which can be done to improve the flexibility and mobility in your big toe, and reduce complaints.

Advice about the treatment can best be given by a physiotherapist, so he can determine what stage the Hallux Valgus is in, and how it can be treated best.

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