What's the difference between compression socks and socks
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What's the difference between compression socks and socks?

If you're in need of additional support while running, or another form of sports, you can choose to wear compression socks or tubes. But what exactly is the purpose of these socks and tubes? And what's the difference between the two of them?

What do you use these socks or tubes for?

Wearing compression socks or tubes will ensure lower vibrations in your leg muscles. This is why they fall reasonably tight around your lower legs. This will improve the blood circulation while working out, which in turn improves the disposal of metabolic waste. While working out, your muscles will take a lot longer to get tired.

What's the difference between compression socks and tubes?

The difference between compression socks and tubes is rather simple to explain. The socks have a foot and the tubes don't. The compression level is equal. The pressure which is exerted on the feet and lower leg while wearing the compression socks has many benefits. The socks can be worn during and after working out.

Athletes experience less muscle pain when they keep wearing their compression socks a little longer after training. The tubes do not have a foot, which makes them unsuitable to keep wearing after training. The tubes don't offer compression to the feet, only the calves. There is a possibility that you might retain body fluids after training. Of course, you want to prevent this at all times. That's why it's strongly recommended to take the tubes off immediately after training.

How do I put on compression socks?

Because a compression stocking is so tight, many people experience difficulties putting it on. The easiest way to put on the sock is as follows: put your hand in the stocking and grasp the heel part. Pull the stocking inside out, but leave the foot in it. Place the sock over your toes and over the front of your foot as far as possible. Then, grasp the sock at the opening and gently pull it over the heel of your foot. Grab the rest of your sock with your thumbs and the rest of your hand and lift the sock over your calf, as it were. Make sure the stocking is below the back of the knee without wrinkles. It will be a bit stiff at first, but this will get better the more you put on the stockings.

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