What do I have to pay attention to when buying a wrist support
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What to pay attention to when buying a wrist support?

Interested in what you have to pay attention to when buying a wrist support? We, at Podobrace, have put down the 5 most important aspects below.

Your complaints

There are many wrist brace for various complaints. This is why it is most important to check whether the wrist support fits your complaints.


There are cheap and expensive wrist supports. A more expensive wrist brace might be of better quality, but it is also important that the brace you are interested in, fits your budget.


Wrist braces come in many sizes. So, when you buy a wrist brace, it is very convenient to know exactly which size you need. This way, you will know that your chosen brace will fit around your wrist perfectly. On most product pages, you will find a size chart with measuring instructions.

Comfort of the wrist support

It's critical that your brace feels comfortable, because the more you wear the brace, the faster your complaints will decrease. And a brace that doesn't feel comfortable, or that irritates your skin, you will take off much faster and eventually, that will be counterproductive for the healing process. Questions regarding buying a wrist support? Our team is always ready to help you with professional advice via live chat, telephone and e-mail.

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