Which kind of support is important during and after runnning
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Which kind of support is important during and after running

Nowadays, running is extremely popular. You do not have to take out expensive subscriptions, and you often practice it outdoors. You don't have to spend crazy amounts of money on gear, and you can start right away. But what supplies can you use best when you decide to go running? And what about your recovery? We will explain it to you below.


Experiencing complaints after running? Then it might be a good decision to purchase insoles. Running shoes are sold with a standard foot bed, which typically do not offer the right support. Choosing orthotics for running is advisable. Orthotics are made of shock absorbing material. The insoles absorb the shocks caused by the impact of coming down while running and give you the best possible correction and support. The insoles are also very breathable.

Knee support

For maximum support while running, you can decide to wear a knee support. Knee complaints often arise while running. So very typically that they're in the top 10 of most occurring sports injuries. You can prevent sustaining such an injury by wearing a knee brace. You could decide to wear a simple knee bandage, as well as a heavy knee support with hinges. Wearing a knee brace while running will give you the best possible support and maximum relief for the knee. This will make you experience less pain and make running a lot more pleasant.

Compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings will make your leg muscles shake less. Compression stockings fall around your lower legs very tight. This will improve the blood flow while running, which in turn will improve the disposal of metabolic waste, which will ensure that your muscles will not feel strained too soon.

Whey protein

It's not the most obvious product, but it is certainly important. Whey protein, also known as protein powder, is a frequent used product among runners. Protein powder is made from milk. During the production of cheese, liquid is extracted. This is called Whey. This liquid is then filtered, heated and dried until a powder remains. The protein content of whey is very high (80%). Drinking a protein shake ensures that all those proteins are absorbed in the body very fast. This quickly supplies your muscles with much-needed building materials. And this in turn ensures a speedy recovery after running.

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