Overstretched Elbow

Severe pain occurs when overstretching the elbow. Depending on the severity of the injury, swilling can also occur and there is a clear palpable/audible pop. The pain will gradually decrease, but stretching the elbow can remain painful for a long time and unexpected movements may cause pain. These are symptoms of instability at the elbow.

Causes elbow overstretching

An elbow overstretch is especially common among goalkeepers in ball sports and judokas. Stopping a ball in a stretched elbow position may cause this problem. For judokas, this it usually occurs in an arm cramp. In addition to these sports, it also happens regularly due to a fall with an outstretched hand and with an elbow outstretched. In the serious cases, this is accompanied by an elbow that comes out of the bowl.

Treatment overstretched elbow

Immediately after the overstretching, cooling and rest are recommended. The pain will gradually decrease. Exercises can be done to improve the mobility and to strengthen the stability and muscles around the elbow. After the overstretching, the elbow covers and straps are partially damaged, and it is less stable than before. To prevent further injury and to recover from the elbow overstretching, a support is recommended. At Podobrace we have the Bauerfeind Sport Elbow Support (sports elbow support) and the Push Med Elbow Support.