Achilles Tendon Bandage

What's an achilles tendon bandage?

An Achilles tendon bandage is a bandage that's applied around the Achilles tendon. The good thing about a bandage is that it's a whole. Unlike dressing, which you have to change every day, a bandage can be worn like a sock.

What's the difference between an achilles tendon bandage and an achilles tendon support?

An Achilles tendon support on the other hand, is a totally different product. A brace is made of stronger, more sturdy material. This sturdy material is necessary for people who suffer from the most severe Achilles tendon related disorders. For minor Achilles tendon related problems, wearing a bandage will be sufficient, so you won't have to buy a more expensive Achilles tendon support.

How do I determine the size?

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