Back Brace

For which back complaints should you use a Back Brace?

Wearing a back brace will ensure support in the lower back. For complaints such as a lumbar spine hernia and spit, a back bandage is recommended. But also for:

• Lower back pains

• Muscular instability

• Overuse

• Lower back complaints

• Osteoarthritis

Causes of back complaints where wearing a Back Brace can offer a solution

Many back complaints are caused by a poor posture or instability. Wearing a back brace gives you the right support for the lower back. Many back braces have busks which can be adjusted to your own comfort. How much support you need depends on the type of back complaint and the pain you're experiencing. A back brace has compression qualities which cause the blood circulation to improve. If the blood circulation is improved, metabolic waste will get removed quicker. A back brace also stimulates you to take a better posture, preventing you from further complaints due to a wrong posture.

Back Bandage

There are roughly 2 types of back braces. The normal elastic back brace which has a standard form and fit and is adjustable according to size and support.

Back Brace

In addition, we also offer the professional back brace. It is a back bandage which is equipped with a pressure gel cushion pad. All back braces help you with the most optimal support and ensure stabilisation of the lower back. Because of the gel cushion pad a friction massage will occur on the pain points in the lower back. It also improves blood circulation and promotes the healing process.

Magnetic Back Brace

You can also choose to wear a magnetic back brace. This type of back brace is equipped with thin magnets which enable the scientifically proven infra-red technique. Due to the infra-red technique, the blood circulation will improve, and the healing will expedite.

During pregnancy, a pregnancy support belt can be worn. With the production of this belt, the temporary deviating body shape was held in accountancy. Not only does a pregnancy belt fullfill the function of a back bandage, but also a pelvic belt and umbilical belt.

Orthopaedic Pillows which serve as a back support

An orthopaedic pillow can offer tremendous support for people who have sedentary work. Prolonged sitting behind a desk or in a office chair can cause serious back complaints. Using an orthopaedic pillow offers sufficient support to the back and corrects the posture immediately!