Bandage shoes

What are bandage shoes?

Bandage shoes are an essential tool for rapid mobilisation of clients suffering from complaints such as wounds, skin effects or endangered feet. The shoe is carefully constructed from different components so that it is comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off without causing pain. By wearing bandage shoes, walking can be somewhat resumed. For example, after surgery or with arthritis, where only soft and flexible material on the feet can be tolerated, bandage shoes offer a solution.

Benefits of bandage shoes

Wearing bandage shoes has several advantages that can contribute to faster recovery. Below are the main benefits:

Bandage shoes for women and men

Our bandage shoes are not only comfortable and protective for your feet, but they are also suitable for both women and men. We understand that everyone has unique feet, which is why we offer various sizes and models designed to alleviate the symptoms of both men and women.

Outdoor bandage shoes

If you're looking for bandage shoes suitable for outdoor use, then Podobrace is the right place! Our bandage shoes are not only designed to provide maximum comfort and improve mobility, but they are also suitable for wearing outdoors. Our bandage shoes feature a sturdy sole that provides optimal protection. Whether you go for a walk or just want to get some fresh air, Podobrace’s bandage shoes offer the right support for this.

The best quality

We are committed to providing the best quality bandage shoes. Our shoes are specially designed for patient comfort and made with top quality materials. The shoes are not only of high quality, but are also recommended by healthcare professionals. The products are recommended by Podobrace's physiotherapists, podiatrists and podiatrists.