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Dunimed Rib Support

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Dunimed Rib Support

Product number: B2-004-005
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  • Special Features
  • Which size?
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Protection Level 2
Advanced Protection

  • For minor to moderately heavy complaints
  • Better protection than a simple support bandage

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Dunimed Rib Support:


  • Perfect when suffering from post-traumatic rib contusions or fractures
  • Perfect for upper torso injuries
  • Perfect for rib contusions
  • Perfect for rib fractures
  • Perfect for upper back pain complaints (thoracic back complaints)
  • Perfect protection and support after accident
  • Perfect for pain relief during rehabilitation



There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Dunimed Rib Support.

Product features

  • Perfect for all forms of rib, mid- and upper back complaints and for daily use, work and sports
  • Most effective rib support out right now, fits comfortable and won't show under your clothes

Suffering from rib pains? And looking for the most effective rib support out right now? If so, then the Dunimed Rib Support is your best choice! This rib support came out as best in our test and has been used with great success by our patients that suffered from various rib and torso injuries. This is the reason our specialists and partnered doctors highly recommend this brace. The Dunimed Rib Support is very suitable for rib or upper back and torso injuries, because this brace divides the pressure put on the ribs and torso, retains body temperature and improves blood circulation. The Dunimed Rib Support has a comfortable fit and won't show under your clothing. Suitable for both men and women. 

Special Features Dunimed Rib Support

The Dunimed Rib Support has been designed by leading therapists and specialists and came out as best in our internal test for rib and/or higher torso injuries and all of the above indications. The brace will divide pressure put on the ribs and torso, and retain body temperature. In addition, it will improve blood circulation by giving therapeutic warmth that wil expedite recovery, causing faster pain reduction in case of injury. 


The Dunimed Rib Support won't show under your clothes and is equipped with a Velcro closure at the front for an optimal and comfortable fit. The Dunimed Rib Support fits exceptionally pleasant, while still giving the ribs and upper part of the back the support and protection it needs. All these unique features are the reason that the Dunimed Rib Support has been used with great success by tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe that have been suffering from many rib and upper back and torso injuries and pain complaints. Of all the braces that have been tested by our therapists and patients, this brace came out as best. This is the main reason our specialists and many external doctors can highly recommend this brace. 

Which size?

The Dunimed Rib Support can be worn by both men and women. And for the right size, you are to measure the circumference of the torso right above the lowest rib (women have to measure right below their breasts). See size chart for the correct size to go with your measurements:


Height of the brace:

Men: frontside: 16,5 cm backside: 16,5 cm

Women: frontside: 14,5 cm backside: 16,5 cm


Material: Nylon, Polyester en Latex wire


Size: S/M L/XL XXL
Men Smaller than < 95 cm 95 cm - 125 cm 125 cm - 135 cm
Women Smaller than < 75 cm 75 cm - 100 cm 100 cm - 110 cm

Article numbers

EAN Size Color Variant
8720195933229 S/M Skin Men
8720195933236 L/XL Skin Men
8720195933243 XXL Skin Men
8720195933199 S/M Skin Women
8720195933205 L/XL Skin Women
8720195933212 XXL Skin Women
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10 november 2021
Good price for what you get.

06 oktober 2021
The brace fits well there, so am definitely satisfied with it.

22 augustus 2021
The brace is very comfortable, I am satisfied!

06 juli 2021
Provides a lot of support, but sits well.

13 mei 2021
Really great!

27 maart 2021
Sits very nice!

29 oktober 2020
Great brace!

29 september 2020
Definitely worth 5 stars.

17 augustus 2020
Really happy with it!

25 mei 2020
After a short time all my complaints were gone, very happy with it!

14 maart 2020
Does what it's supposed to do.

10 januari 2020
After doubting for a while I decided to buy the brace and I am really very happy with it! It has helped me a lot, so I can definitely recommend it to others with complaints!

27 oktober 2019
The brace was delivered super fast and works super!

04 oktober 2019
I bought the brace on the recommendation of my doctor, it really helps!

14 september 2019
Provides support, but is also comfortable which allows me to do my work well.

05 augustus 2019
The quality, the brace is great!

29 juni 2019
Meets all my expectations
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