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Medidu Knee Support Wrap

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Medidu Knee Support Wrap

Product number: 7535
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Protection Level 2
Advanced Protection

  • For minor to moderately heavy complaints
  • Better protection than a simple support bandage

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Medidu Knee Support Wrap:


  • Perfect for weak or overused knees
  • Perfect for minor instability complaints
  • Perfect for sprains / strains / bruises (distortion)
  • Prevention


There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Medidu Knee Support Wrap.

Product features

  • Perfect for minor to fairly serious knee complaints and for daily use, work and sports.
  • Can be wrapped around the knee (also over your shorts or pants), comes in 1 size and has an open rear. 


Looking for a simple brace with an open rear which offers you support and can be wrapped around the knee? Then the Medidu Knee Support Wrap is the best choice for you!

Special Features Medidu Knee Support Wrap

Looking for a simple brace with an open rear which offers you support and can be wrapped around the knee? Then the Medidu Knee Support Wrap is the best choice for you! This knee support is particularly suitable for global support of the knee when experiencing weakness, overuse, instability and offers you the necessary support and stability after a minor to fairly serious sprain or strain and arthrosis. The knee wrap goes around the knee and the unique Velcro design ensures a perfect fit. In addition, the opening around the knee reduces the pressure on the kneecap (patella), sparing the knee.


Furthermore, the Medidu Knee Support Wrap features a round neoprene cushion that protects the kneecap and ensures that the brace will stay in place. The Medidu Knee Support Wrap also offers comfortable pressure and support, making it perfect for daily use, work and sports. It also keeps the muscles warm and improves blood circulation. 

(Looking for a brace you can put on like a sock and that offers even more support? Then we definitely recommend the Super Ortho Knee Support with Busks).

Product video

Click here to watch the product video

Which size?

The Medidu Knee Support Wrap is available in the sizes S, L and XXL. And for the right size, you are to measure the circumference of the upper leg while standing with the knee slightly bent (10 cm from the kneecap: Point A).



Size Circumference
S 13.78 - 17.72 inch  (35 - 45 cm)
L 17.72 - 21.65 inch  (45 - 55 cm)
XXL 21.65 - 25.59 inch  (55 - 65 cm)

Article numbers

EAN Size
8719925603211 S
8719925603228 L
8719925603235 XXL
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11 juli 2021
Provides good support

31 januari 2021
Very fine knee brace that offers the right support

08 januari 2021
This brace has helped me tremendously, highly recommended!

20 mei 2020
Great brace

26 november 2019
Bought on the recommendation of a friend, works tremendously well for my knee pain!
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