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Kneeling Chair

Looking to buy an ergonomic kneeling chair to work dynamically and prevent lower back complaints? If so, then the Ergolution - Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is the best choice for you. Because the seat is sloping, your pelvis tilts forward, this ensures a neutral position of the back. The knee supports then prevent you from sliding and falling forward. The kneeling chair will activate your body to sit in the correct position and to strengthen your muscles, making you feel fitter and more energetic. 

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Buying a good kneeling chair is very important because it is of utter importance to sit correctly when working. With the use of kneeling chairs, back and neck problems have been resolved and prevented for years, thereby increasing productivity. Therefore, Podobrace has tested many ergonomic kneeling chairs and only selected the best. In addition, it is also very important to move and vary in posture during prolonged sitting and working. This way you prevent your muscles from adapting to the wrong and possibly tense position. 


The Ergolution - Ergonomic Kneeling Chair came out as best in our test!

We can imagine that you're having doubts on whether or not your new office chair is already ergonomic, it is very simple, if your sedentary for too long and eventually start to suffer from back pains you can safely state that your office chair isn't ergonomic. 

And that is precisely why we, at Podobrace, have decided to only sell ergonomic chairs that have been approved by the Health and Safety at Work Act. This means you immediately choose for an excellent kneeling chair which, by means of your own balance, offers you the support you're looking for.


All ergonomic chairs have been approved by the Health and Safety at Work Act!

Therefore, you will only find the best ergonomic chairs and equipment on our website. Because we want to offer you only the best products, we have a 1-year warranty on all our ergonomic chairs. 

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