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Gladiator Sports Gym Bag

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£ 29.95
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Gladiator Sports Gym Bag

Product number: GSS1
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Product features

  • Used by professional athletes
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Spacious gym bag for all your sportive equipment
  • Easy to close due to the large zipper
  • European bestseller


The Gladiator Sports Gym Bag is the perfect gym bag, suitable for every sport. The smaller equipment can be easily taken with you in this handy bag.

Special Features Gladiator Sports Gym Bag

The Gladiator Sports Gym Bag is the perfect bag to take your clothing and shoes with you for your work-out. The gym bag has a handy carrying strap, so you can easily take the bag with you. Cycling to the gym? This ain't a problem neither due to the comfortable carrying strap. In addition, the sports bag is also equipped with a nifty handle, making it easier to carry it in your hand. 


The large zipper at the top of the sports bag ensures that you can easily close the sports bag. This way your sports clothes and shoes are safely stored and protected from the weather. The Gladiator Sports Gym Bag is also equipped with different storage compartments. Do you want to store your keys separately from your phone to prevent scratches? It's no problem at all with the Gladiator Sports Gym Bag. The big advantage of this bag is that it has 2 shoulder straps. This way you can easily carry the Gladiator Sports Gym Bag as a backpack


The Gladiator Sports Gym Bag is the perfect gym bag and suitable for every type of sport. You can easily take the smaller items and sports attributes with you in this handy bag. The bag has two handles and a strap for the shoulder, but can also easily be used as a backpack. Perfect when you're going to your sports club by bike, for example. The sports bag has a zipper and can be closed quickly and easily. 

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