Foot Drop Support

What is foot drop?

A foot drop can be caused by many different factors. In most cases, it arises because of a disorder in your foot muscles. These muscles enable your foot to remain stretched while walking, sitting and many other positions. If you're suffering from foot drop, your muscles are paralysed, causing your foot to drop.

What are the symptoms?

What effect does a brace have on foot drop?

You can easily attach the foot drop support to your foot. The brace consists of an insole for underneath the foot and a part which gets wrapped around the ankle. You then place your foot on the insole and wrap the brace around the ankle. This will cause the ankle to maintain its natural position. Because your ankle stays in its natural position, your muscles will be relieved. This will cause your muscles to recover quicker.

When do I wear the foot drop support?

To get the best possible result, we always advise wearing the foot drop support during activities that involve a lot of walking. During other activities in which you are not walking, we advise not to wear the brace.

Want to buy a foot drop support?

Did you find a brace that suits you best? If so, then you can order it easily in our webshop. At the bottom of every product page, you'll find a size chart. You can determine the correct size based on this chart. Still in doubt? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer services via chat, mail or call us on the following number: +31(0)85-4898445. With over 35 years of experience, we will always be able to give you fitting advice.