Foot Support

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We only sell the foot braces which were tested as best by our patients and (professional) athletes. All of our foot braces have been selected by our Medical Team of therapists and specialists.

We only sell the foot braces that meet our highest quality demands!

Our assortment of foot braces meet our highest quality demands and are considered as the best foot braces in their category by many specialists. Still feel the need for additional advice? Feel free to contact us, our team is ready and willing tohelp you!

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Suffering from a sports injury? A sprained ankle or other problems? If so, then wearing a foot brace is a wise thing to do. On our website you will find high quality braces for very attractive prices. A foot brace offers support when suffering from instability. Also when you're recovering from an injury or are injury sensitive in general. We've had our braces tested extensively by athletes and all of them were very enthusiastic about the result.

Quicker recovery and prevention of foot injuries

A foot brace offers relieve and support when recovering from an injury. In sports such as hockey, football and volleyball your ankle and foot get stressed a lot and injuries often occur because of that. A foot brace relieves your complaints and supports the foot and ankle joint. However, you can also wear a foot support to prevent injuries. It also reduces the chance of recurring injuries.

High quality foot supports

Podobrace is part of 2 practices in Volendam. With over 20 years of experience when it comes to foot injuries. Our foot braces are and have been extensively tested by athletes who experienced them as very comfortable and pleasant. Our foot supports are attractively priced because we buy in directly from the manufacturer.