Ice Pack

What is an Icepack?

Use of an icepack dates back to 1959. Albert A. Robbins designed the icepack for the purpose of cooling food and drinks for a longer period of time. Many big companies have since adopted the idea and adjusted the icepack so it could be used for medical purposes.

An icepack can be used for many different purposes. We, at Podobrace, have a Hot & Cold Pack in our assortment. As the name suggests, these packs can be used both warmed and cooled. Making them perfectly usable for warmth therapy applied to people suffering from chronic pain as it has a relaxing and calming effect. Cold therapy is recommended when suffering from acute injuries, pain or sports related injuries. The coldpack counters swelling and causes instant pain reduction.

How to use an icepack

Cooling: place the Hot/Cold pack in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Then wrap the product in a towel or dishcloth and place the pack on the injury for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Please note that you never place the icepack directly on the injury!

Warming: warm the Hot/Cold pack in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds at 600W. then wrap the product in a towel or dishcloth and place it on the injury. You can keep doing this until the product is cooled off.

When to use a cool icepack?

Generally, as quick as possible after sustaining the injury. It’s still useful to cool an injury after 72 hours. The cold narrows the blood vessels causing the blood flow to slow down, which is extremely effective against swelling, inflammations and pain.

When to use a warm icepack?

Warmth widens the blood vessels and stimulates the blood flow, improving recovery and reducing pain complaints. Warmth also relaxes the muscles, causing you to move more subtle again. Generally, a hotpack is used with back complaints, muscle complaints and cramps.

So, to sum it up, an icepack can be used for many conditions and injuries. The most common complaints can be seen below:

Warmth therapy:

Cold therapy:

The Novamed Ice Pack / Hot & Cold pack, along with the duo pack, is one of the best selling icepacks out right now. The Hot & Cold pack can be cooled easily in the freezer, and warmed shortly at the lowest temperature in the microwave, or in a pan filled with warm water.