Knee Support for Skiing

Preparing for wintersport

Planning on going skiing for the winter? If you are, then it is very important to be well prepared. In that preparation, you have to buy ski clothing that offers you the right support and protection. Just wearing a helmet won't protect you enough. When you're skiing, you're constantly moving and your knees are continuously burdened. This could give rise to many complaints in the knee joint. Meaning you can sustain (severe) injuries during your skiing holiday. Often, most people experience these injuries long after their holiday. To prevent our customers from sustaining heavy injuries, we advise to wear the Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support for protection while skiing. This brace ranks among the highest protection level. This means that it is suitable to wear when experiencing fairly serious to the most severe complaints. In addition, these braces are not just for wearing during your skiing holiday, but also for wearing while playing other sports and doing other activities.

Want to buy a Knee Support for Skiing?

Did you manage to find a brace to your liking? Order it simple on our website. At the bottom of the product page you'll find a sizechart. This allows you to very accurately, decide which size is best for you. In doubt about the size? Read our instructions above the sizechart, and either order one size up or down. Still have questions when it comes to choosing the right knee support? Feel free to contact us, without any obligations via mail, chat or by phone: +31(0)85-4898445. Our team consists of specialists who all together have over 35 years of experience in the medical field, and they are always ready to help you with advice.