Massage Tables

Treatment table

At Podobrace we offer all kinds of products that are often recommended by a doctor or physical therapist. With these products, we only help the people with complaints. For this reason, we have also added various products to our assortment, including treatment tables. With these treatment tables, physiotherapists can help their patients get rid of their complaints. All our treatment tables are equipped with headrests, allowing people to lie and rest comfortably on our tables. In addition, armrests are attached to the headrest which also allows the patient or client to relax the arms during a treatment. In short, our massage beds help all physiotherapists to treat their patients.

Foldable Massage Bed

Not only physiotherapists benefit from our massage tables. Massage parlors can also make use of our treatment tables. This is because we have various foldable massage beds in our assortment. If you're an independent masseur, you can easily take the treatment table with you. The table is upright within seconds. This allows you to expand your customer base by being able to visite people who aren't able to come to you.