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Medical Equipment  > Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support

Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support

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Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support

Product number: 20.405
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Protection Level 3
Highest Protection

  • For moderately heavy to the heaviest complaints
  • Maximum support and protection

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Knee Support:

  • Perfect for all sorts of knee complaints, a number of examples below:
  • Perfect for abrasion behind the kneecap
  • Perfect for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Perfect for kneecap instability
  • Perfect for pain behind the kneecap
  • Perfect when suffering from gout
  • Perfect for Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Perfect for genu valgum (knock-knees)
  • Perfect for genu varum (bow-legged ness)
  • Perfect for knee ligament problems
  • Perfect for anterior and posterior cruciate ligament problems
  • Perfect for meniscus problems
  • Perfect for joint problems
  • Perfect for joint capsule problems
  • Perfect for quadriceps problems
  • Perfect for bursitis
  • Perfect for quadriceps tendon rupture
  • Perfect for circulation problems / varicose veins
  • Perfect for overstress symptoms (swelling / fluid)
  • Perfect for genu varum (bow-legged ness) and genu valgum (knock-knees) for the hinges can be bent to the shape of your knee
  • Perfect for tendinitis (also in the patellar tendon)
  • Perfect for runner's knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome / chondropathy) and jumper's knee
  • Perfect for patellofemoral pain syndrome (chondropathy / chondromalacia)
  • Perfect for lateralization of the patella (tendency for dislocation)
  • Perfect for optimal support and protection after kneecap surgery
  • Perfect after lateral release surgery
  • Perfect for active support during work and sports
  • Perfect for rehabilitation of the knee over a longer period of time
  • Perfect for patellar tendinitis
  • Perfect for arthrosis
  • Perfect for prevention of sports injuries


There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support.

Product features

  • Perfect for fairly serious to severe knee complaints and for daily use, work and sports.
  • Made of knitted material, high breathability, feels like a sock and still offers you optimal support!

Looking for the most comfortable hinged knee support out right now, which is perfect for long-term daily use, work and sports with fairly serious to severe knee complaints? Then the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support is the best choice for you! The brace is equipped with hinges, making it suitable for kneecap disorders, but also the more severe complaints.

Special Features Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support

The Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support is made of knitted material and is one of the very best knee braces for long-term use out right now, as well as one of the most comfortable hinged knee support out right now. The Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support offers maximum support, but is also very elastic, breathable and moisture-regulating and the special skin-friendly knitting method provides the exceptional comfort so widely known.


The highly advanced knee brace will always receive maximum support, but is also highly comfortable, whereby an integrated, ring-shaped elastic cushion pad envelops the patella, providing optimum stability and protection to both the knee and the kneecap. 


That is why, for many years, the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support has been considered among the very best of its kind for long-term use for all kinds of knee problems (see above-mentioned indications). For this reason, the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support is highly recommended by our specialists for long-term use as the ultimate combination between comfort and stability.


The integrated, elastic cushion pads around the kneecap do not shift. This helps position the bandage correctly and adapts to the angle of the knee joint with every movement. This creates a massaging effect that activates the surrounding muscle tissue and stimulates blood circulation. The medically effective interaction between compression and massage of the Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support ensures that oedema and bruises will disappear more quickly. And the lightweight hinges ensure optimum lateral and forward stability.

Which size?

Note! For the best results, it is important to measure correctly.


Stand up, bend your leg in an angle of just under 45 degrees, and measure the largest circumference of the knee at the height of the kneecap (patella) (see illustration and size chart).
If you are not sure about your size and have a big upper leg or calf, please order the larger size.


Size Circumference
S 13.39 - 14.17 inch  (34 - 36 cm)
M 14.17 - 14.96 inch  (36 - 38 cm)
L 14.96 - 16.14 inch  (38 - 41 cm)
XL 16.14 - 17.32 inch  (41 - 44 cm)
XXL 17.32 - 18.5 inch  (44 - 47 cm)

Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8698811082317 S Gray
8698811082324 M Gray
8698811082331 L Gray
8698811082338 XL Gray
8698811082355 XXL Gray
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07 oktober 2021
Very nice brace, have suffered from osteoarthritis for years and on advice ordered this brace and felt immediate relief. Thanks for the advice and service.

12 augustus 2021
Good service and fast home!

24 juni 2021
Protects really well

08 april 2021

01 april 2021
Can still move freely when wearing this brace

24 februari 2021
Good value for money!

30 november 2020
Supports my knee well

28 oktober 2020
Nice price, very happy

07 september 2020
Lightweight brace is very comfortable

21 augustus 2020
Very nice brace, my symptoms quickly became less. Thanks for the advice.

01 augustus 2020
Good fit, very satisfied

01 juni 2020
Extremely suitable for rehabilitation

28 maart 2020
Very fine product

06 maart 2020
Great brace! Been suffering from osteoarthritis for years and my symptoms are really much less now, thanks.

31 december 2019
Supports well and gives me the support I need

29 september 2019
Significantly less pain thanks to this brace

04 juli 2019
Sits well

31 mei 2019
Nice design, not too heavy

10 mei 2019
A very good brace, my complaints decreased quickly after wearing it. Thanks for the advice.

29 april 2019
Excellent brace! I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis for years and my complaints are finally getting less, thank you so much!

26 april 2019
A very comfortable and effective brace, have been suffering from Osteoarthritis for years and after following your advice I ordered this brace and felt instant relief! Thanks for the advice and good service.

25 januari 2019
Thank you!
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Medical Equipment  > Morsa GenuBerg M4 Hinged Knee Support
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