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BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks

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BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks

Product number: BNYSS111E
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Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks:


  • Perfect for wounds or irritations caused by diabetes 
  • Perfect for Raynaud's disease
  • Perfect for rheumatoid arthritis related complaints
  • Perfect for tired and cold feet
  • Perfect for swellings in the feet
  • Perfect for chilblains
  • Perfect for sweaty feet
  • Perfect for athlete's foot
  • Perfect for eczema

Product features

  • Maximum wearing comfort with seamless toe
  • Improves blood circulation in the feet and toes
  • Anti-bacterial effect stimulates the healing process of wounds

The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks are specifically designed for diabetes patients and contribute to quicker healing of wounds and improved blood circulation. In addition, the silver socks have an anti-bacterial effect, preventing nasty smells and infections. 

Special Features BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks

The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks offer relief for diabetes patients and everyone that experiences discomforts like athlete's foot, eczema and cold, or sweaty feet. thanks to the silver knitting on the inner surface, it prevents edema formation and accelerates the healing process of wounds. Due to its seamless design, your feet won't get irritated and it will prevent blisters from forming.


The silver yarn prevents the reproduction and increase of the bacteria that cause fungus and nasty smells. Silver, with its antibacterial characteristics neutralizes the sweat (ammonia) and the denaturalized proteins, and eliminates the odor molecules that arising from the combination of the bacteria. The pure silver thread technology prevents infections due to its antibacterial characteristics. The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks are therefore highly recommendable as a supportive product during treatment of fungus and eczema.


The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks are temperature regulating. The silver thread regulates the heat balance of the body by ensuring that the sweat glands work at the correct rate. Therefore, the socks will keep your feet cool in a warm environment, and warm in a cool environment. Silver metal is the element with the best conductivity of all known metals. Due to its anti-static nature, the static electricity in the body will be isolated. This will reduce the tired feeling in your legs, and will ensure higher wearing comfort. The socks are exceptionally comfortable and perfectly suitable for use during many daily activities. 

All products with the Bonny Silver trademark are made of pure silver yarn and do not contain any chemical or harmful substances. All products are 100% natural and non-allergic. Bonny Silver uses the silver metal itself. Therefore, all characteristics given to the product with silver yarn technology do not lose their effect after being washed. 


The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks have the following features:

  • Completely silver knitting
  • Seamless foot
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in and on the feet
  • Prevents nasty smells
  • Stimulates the bloodflow
  • Special non-binding cuff
  • Regulates the temperature in the feet
  • Anti-bacterial effect and stimulates the healing process of wounds
  • Non-allergic
  • Material: 75% Modal, 22% pure Silver, 3% Lycra

Which size?

The BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks come in pairs and are available in the colors Black, Gray and White. 

For the right size of socks, you can use your shoesize as indicator. 

UK 3.5 - 5      (EU 36 - 38)
UK 5.5 - 8            (EU 39 - 42)
UK 9 - 11        (EU 43 - 46)

Description BonnySilver Diabetic Silver Socks

Just like with other socks, we recommend you to wash the socks after every day of wearing. You can wash the socks by hand at a maximum of 30°. 

Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8683011990250 S White
8683011990144 M White
8683011990151 L White
8683011990243 S Black
8683011990069 M Black
8683011990076 L Black
8683011990274 S Gray
8683011990106 M Gray
8683011990113 L Gray
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