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Gladiator Sports Compression Socks

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Gladiator Sports Compression Socks

Product number: 871968922
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Indications for use

When one or more of the following indications apply to you, 

you would benefit tremendously from using the Gladiator Sports Compression Socks:


  • The best solution for your ''swollen feet feeling'' during the day and during sports
  • Perfect when suffering from heel spur, tendon plate irritation and Achilles tendon complaints
  • The best solution to prevent blisters while running!
  • Prevents the heavy and tired feeling in your legs
  • Perfect when suffering from arthritis in the foot
  • Perfect for diabetes
  • Perfect when suffering from chilblains
  • For an improved disposal of metabolic waste and carbon dioxide 
  • The best solution for people who suffer from varicose veins or oedema
  • Perfect when suffering from overuse complaints (also very well suitable for preventive use)
  • The socks effectively reduce the shock impact, preventing muscle damage  
  • Decreasing pressure efflux in the ankle. Improving blood circulation, causing optimal transferring and disposing of metabolic waste
  • The pressure of the compression socks is higher than with most other brands of compression socks, making them way more effective on many fronts, such as, performance, prevention and recovery
  • Ensuring optimal blood circulation in the feet and ankles, resulting in a faster recovery after a heavy workout 

Product features

  • Provides immediate relief for all foot related complaints! Temporary introduction discount!
  • Scientifically proven. Designed for daily use, walking and sports.
  • European bestseller! Used and worn for relief with great success by thousands of people! 


Don't feel like wearing a complete compression stocking, but still want to get rid of your complaints? Then the Gladiator Sports Compression Socks are the best choice for you! 

Special Features Gladiator Sports Compression Socks

The Gladiator Sports Compression Socks are specially designed for all the above complaints and are perfect for daily use, work and sports! The compression socks differ from normal socks because they offer comfortable compression and stimulate blood circulation, resulting in immediate relief of all the above complaints, allowing you to move pain-free again and preventing possible future complaints.


The Gladiator Sports Compression Socks are being used for years for among other things, burning feet, diabetes, chilblains, swollen feet, heel spur, tendon plate irritations and Achilles tendon complaints. The effect of the Gladiator Sports Compression Socks has been scientifically proven and are being used by thousands of people with great success for years for relief after long-term use, work and sports.

Product video

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  • Faster disposal of metabolic waste during and after exercise
  • Less fluid retention in your feet
  • Less sagging of the foot arch
  • Less irritation of the tendon plate 
  • Better blood circulation and a less burning feeling in your feet
  • Supports stretched and weakened muscles

Which size?

The Gladiator Sports Compression Socks come in pairs and are available in the colours Black and White


And for the right size of socks you can take your shoe size as indication.


Size Shoe size
Size S 3 - 4.5
Size M 5 - 7.5
Size L 8 - 11

Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8719325203127 S Black
8719325203134 M Black
8719689229122 L Black
8719689229542 S White
8719689229535 M White
8719325203097 L White
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14 februari 2019
I have been wearing the socks for hiking and i'm very happy with the results.

12 februari 2019
Good socks.

11 januari 2019
Have been suffering from burning feet for a long time and it has finally become less, thank you!
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