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Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts

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£ 44.95
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Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts

Product number: GA2
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Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts:


  • Equipped with protection pads around the hips
  • Perfect for all groin, hamstring and upper leg related pain complaints, a number of examples below:
  • Perfect for all groin disorders
  • Perfect for hamstring / quadriceps disorders
  • Perfect for overuse related complaints
  • Perfect to wear during your rehabilitation (post surgery or trauma)
  • Prevention
  • Prevents, reduces and recovers muscle cramps and tears
  • Prevents, reduces and recovers contusions (when playing contact sports)
  • Perfect additional support while building up your training routine
  • Perfect for circulatory disorders (varicose veins)

Product features

  • Most used protection shorts
  • Suitable for all sports and for daily use as well
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • European bestseller


Suffering from groin, upper leg or hamstring problems, and looking for the best compression shorts when exercising, running and perhaps other daily activities? If so, then the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts is your best choice! Many specialists consider these shorts as the best protection shorts out right now! Its effect is scientifically proven. 

Special Features Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts

Looking for protective shorts to wear while practicing your sports? The Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts came out as best in our test of 14 brands and has the best price/quality ratio. It is with good reason that these shorts are the most used protection shorts right now. 


The reason that the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts came out as best in our test, is that it offers the most comfortable and effective protection, it has the best fit and the material is highly breathable. All these unique features are the reason that the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts are being used with great satisfaction by tens of thousands of satisfied customers for all of the abovementioned complaints. 


When you're working out, you want fluid in and not on your body. Gladiator Sports's hDc Technology is an intelligent, fluid-wicking fabric which is highly breathable. hDc pulls the sweat away from your skin and breaks it off for rapid evaporation. Keeping you cool in warm environments and also keep you warm in cold conditions, making the shirt perfectly wearable in both the summer and the winter.


The Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts have a number of unique features:

  • The effect of the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts is scientifically proven.
  • Provided with UPF 30+ and protects your skin against harmful solar radiation.
  • 4-way stretch fabric for better freedom of movement.
  • The material pulls the sweat away swiftly, making it very comfortable to wear.
  • Anti Odor-technology prevents the growth of bacteria that produce the smell of sweat.

Which size?

The Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts is available in the sizes 152 - XXXL. 


For the right size you can use your own clothing size.  

Article numbers

EAN Size
8719925602801 152
8719925602818 164/176
8719925602429 S
8719925602436 M
8719925602443 L
8719925602450 XL
8719925602467 XXL
8719925603068 XXXL
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02 maart 2021
Very nice!

16 oktober 2020

29 juli 2020
Talked to Ben and he advised me these shorts, not disappointed!

23 juli 2020

28 juni 2020
I'm very happy, thank you for the advice Podobrace!

22 april 2020
Offers good protection!

13 april 2020
The perfect shorts for goalkeeping!
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