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Lyon Premium Elbow Support

  • lyon premium elbow support for sale
  • lyon premium elbow support
Best Price / Quality Ratio!
lyon premium elbow support for sale lyon premium elbow support
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£ 32.95
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Lyon Premium Elbow Support

Product number: MED033
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  • Which size?
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Protection Level 2
Advanced Protection

  • For minor to moderately heavy complaints
  • Better protection than a simple support bandage

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Lyon Premium Elbow Support:

  • Suitable for all sorts of elbow complaints, a number of examples below:
  • Perfect when suffering from osteoarthritis
  • Perfect when suffering from overuse related complaints (Surmenage)
  • Perfect when suffering from tendinitis
  • Perfect when suffering from Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
  • Perfect when suffering from ulnar impingement
  • Perfect when suffering from a tennis elbow
  • Perfect when suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
  • Perfect when suffering from bursitis
  • Perfect when suffering from capsular ligament injuries
  • Perfect for various joint disorders
  • Perfect when suffering from bruising, swelling and localized soft-tissue disorders
  • Perfect for irritated tendon attachments
  • Perfect when suffering from joint wear and/or inflammation symptoms
  • Perfect for tendon and muscle disorders (tendomyopathies)
  • Perfect before, during or after rehabilitating from an elbow fracture
  • Perfect for long-term rehabilitation, after surgery or trauma for example
  • For optimal support and prevention during sports or work
  • Perfect when suffering from post-operative irritations



There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Lyon Premium Elbow Support.

Product features

  • Perfect for minor to fairly serious elbow complaints an daily use, work and sports.
  • Most comfortable elbow brace out right now, sweat absorbing and the best fit!
  • Tested as best for work, sports and long-term daily use.
  • Best price / quality ratio!

Looking for the best elbow brace out right now, with the best fit for all elbow complaints and for daily use, work and sports? If so, then the Lyon Premium Elbow Support is your best choice. The Lyon Premium Elbow Support is one of the best in its category when it comes to optimally supporting the elbow during work and sports when experiencing many complaints. 

Special Features Lyon Premium Elbow Support

Looking for the best elbow support out right now, with the best price/quality ratio for all elbow complaints for daily use, work and sports? If so, then the Lyon Premium Elbow Support is your best choice! Many specialists consider the Lyon Premium Elbow Support as the absolute best elbow brace out right now for support when experiencing any of the above-mentioned complaints, during your daily activities work and sports. 


Due to its unique, revolutionary and advanced design, the Lyon Premium Elbow Support is extremely lightweight, while still ensuring maximum protection and stability. This brace is made of ventilating material, has a perfect fit and exceptionally high wearing comfort, ensuring it won't obstruct you when wearing the brace. The Lyon Premium Elbow Support is also considered the best alternative for taping in the elbow. Because of all these unique features, the Lyon Premium Elbow Support is considered as the best choice for all (ball)sports and long-term daily use.  


  • Gel cushion pads around the elbow provide additional support and compression, while maintaining flexibility
  • Because of its anatomical fit and high-quality material, the Lyon Premium Elbow Support is considered as one of the most comfortable elbow braces out right now
  • Moisture absorbing material will keep your arm dry under the brace
  • The best alternative for taping in the elbow
  • The brace gives a constant active friction massage to the surrounding tissue
  • Improves blood circulation to, if need be, expedite recovery
  • Scientifically based method leads to faster resorption of edema, hydrops and bruises 
  • Brace is made of elastic knitted material

Which size?

For the right size, you are to measure the circumference of your lower arm, measured 5 centimetres down from the elbow, with the arm in a bent position. 


Size Circumference
S 8.66 - 9.45 inch (22 - 24 cm)
M 9.45 - 10.24 inch (24 - 26 cm)
L 10.24 - 11.02 inch (26 - 28 cm)
XL 11.02 - 11.81 inch (28 - 30 cm)
XXL 11.81 - 12.6 inch (30 - 32 cm)

Article numbers

EAN Size
8698683752464 S
8698683752471 M
8698683752488 L
8698683752495 XL
8698683752501 XXL
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12 september 2021
The support this brace provides is super!

31 juli 2021
I am very satisfied with my purchase.

29 juni 2021
Thanks to this brace, my elbow no longer hurts.

22 mei 2021
Does what it is supposed to do

02 mei 2021
Meets all my expectations

07 april 2021
The brace fits fine and stays in place.

27 februari 2021
By far the best brace I have purchased.

12 december 2020
Good quality for the price

25 november 2020
Provides good protection!

22 november 2020
Has been incredibly helpful in recovering from my elbow injury

24 oktober 2020
Really a top brace! Thanks a lot!

20 september 2020
Bought it on the advice of my doctor. I am very satisfied with it.

22 augustus 2020
Highly recommended for people whose elbows suffer quickly!

13 juli 2020
The pain is significantly reduced! Thanks a lot!

10 april 2020
Great brace!

27 januari 2020
This brace came in handy for my elbow injury.

18 januari 2020
Ideal when exercising!

07 december 2019
Really a top brace!
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