Neck Support

How does a neck support work?

A neck support offers support to the cervical spine. A neck support ensures that the movements of the cervical vertebrae are limited. This means less flexion, extension and rotation when moving, resulting in a reduction of pain complaints. There are many different neck supports, one offers a smaller limitation of mobility than the other. You have to choose how much you wish to move your neck, based on your complaints. The less mobility, the faster your complaints will decrease.

Can a neck support be worn while sleeping?

A neck support can never be worn while sleeping. If you wish to have your neck supported properly, we can best recommend you to sleep with a good pillow. For example, the Dunimed Premium Pillow is an excellent choice. Because of the foam that is processed in the pillow, the pillow will shape itself to the form of your head, causing all the neck vertebrae to be maximally supported. Because of this, the pillow will serve as a nighttime neck brace.

When can I best wear a neck support?

It is best to only wear a neck brace during the day. In addition, we always recommend to only wear a neck brace when you’re actually experiencing pain complaints. During work, for example, or when doing chores around the house. At moments when you’re not experiencing complaints, we can best recommend not to wear the brace. It is essential for the recovery process, that you keep training your neck to keep functioning on its own, without having to use the brace.