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Novamed Thigh Support

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Novamed Thigh Support

Product number: 7400
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Protection Level 2
Advanced Protection

  • For minor to moderately heavy complaints
  • Better protection than a simple support bandage

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Novamed Thigh Support:

  • Perfect for all thigh injuries
  • Perfect during rehabilitation after surgery or trauma
  • Perfect for prevention of upper leg/thigh injuries
  • Perfect for hamstring/quadriceps problems
  • Perfect for sprains, bruises and strains (torn ligaments)
  • Perfect for overuse injuries
  • Perfect for muscle tears/muscle cramps
  • Perfect for injuries to the hamstring or quadriceps



There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Novamed Thigh Support.

Product features

  • Novamed Thigh Support came out as best in our test of comparable thigh supports! Now with a temporary 40% discount!


Looking for the best thigh brace at the moment? The Novamed Thigh Support came out as best in our test and is suitable for all upper leg injuries. This brace is tested by our patients and many (professional) athletes, therefore, the Novamed Thigh Support is highly recommended by our specialists. The comfortable brace offers optimum warmth, pressure and support to the hamstring, quadriceps and the upper leg. 

Special Features Novamed Thigh Support

Looking for the best thigh brace on the market right now? The Novamed Thigh Support came out as best in our test and is considered the number #1 thigh brace at the moment! Our patients and t(professional) athletes voted the Novamed Thigh Support as best in our test, which is why this brace is highly recommended by our specialists. This is because the comfortable brace provides optimum warmth, pressure and support to the hamstrings, quadriceps and the upper leg. The Novamed Thigh Support is made of neoprene, a material that retains body heat, improves blood circulation, promotes recovery and reduces pain. 


Furthermore, the Novamed Thigh Support is exceptionally comfortable and provides optimal pressure and support to the hamstring and quadriceps. Therefore, the thigh braces can be worn both preventatively and in case of injury. Thanks to all these unique qualities, the Novamed Thigh Support has been used with great success for many years for all kinds of thigh injuries and is immensely popular among (professional) athletes at home and abroad


Want to see our full category? Then check out our Upper leg / thigh support category. 

Which size?

The Novamed Thigh Support is available in the sizes S - XL. For the right size, you are to measure the circumference at the middle of the thigh (thickest part) while standing (see illustration). When in doubt, always order the larger size. 

LP Support Dijbeen Brace


Size Circumference at the middle of the thigh (in inch and cm)
Size S 17.72 - 18.9 inch  (EU 45 - 48)
Size M 18.9 - 20.47 inch  (EU 48 - 52)
Size L 20.47 - 22.05 inch  (EU 52 - 56)
Size XL 22.05 - 23.62 inch  (EU 56 - 60)
Size XXL 23.62 - 25.2 inch  (EU 60 - 64)


Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8697957652707 S Black
8697957655456 M Black
8697957655463 L Black
8697957655470 XL Black
8697957655487 XXL Black
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18 augustus 2021
Used this brace during my rehab, it went great.

02 juli 2021
Brace has helped me tremendously with rehabilitation.

29 juni 2021
The brace is easy to put on and is also super comfortable.

03 juni 2021
Brace supports enough, helps with my rehabilitation

30 mei 2021
Brace supports well and has a nice fit

02 maart 2021
Previously often suffered from hamstring injuries, with this brace that is a thing of the past

03 februari 2021
Breathable brace that also supports well, very happy with it.

26 januari 2021
I can do intensive sports again thanks to this brace, very happy with it

07 januari 2021
Fast delivery and well packaged!

27 december 2020
Previously had a lot of injuries to my upper leg, after purchasing this brace it has become a lot less.

27 december 2020
Good breathable brace at a great price!

01 november 2020
Great product, am very happy with it

21 juli 2020
Can go through the day without pain again, very grateful

17 juli 2020
This brace really helped me a lot this last period.

27 juni 2020
During sports my hamstring hurts a lot, with this brace the pain is suppressed

17 juni 2020
Lots of cramping in my hamstrings, these braces give the extra support to prevent this.

19 januari 2020
This brace provides me with continuous support that allows me to move more easily.

04 oktober 2019
Brace delivered quickly at a great price

13 augustus 2019
Clear description so I knew exactly what to expect.

18 juni 2019
The optimal fit ensures that these can be worn under my normal clothing.

14 mei 2019
Meets all my expectations

03 mei 2019
Multiple sizes so something for everyone
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