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Solelution Sport - Running Insoles

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Solelution Sport - Running Insoles

Product number: Sol-Ri
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Relaxation Sports

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Solelution Sport - Running Insoles:


  • Perfect for remedying and preventing shin splints
  • Perfect for remedying and preventing runner's knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome)
  • Perfect for all foot types
  • Perfect for over pronation
  • Extra comfort, shock absorption and stability
  • Perfect for strained feet
  • Perfect for painful and tired feet
  • Perfect for ankle instability
  • Works perfectly for nascent knee problems
  • For collapsed/strained foot arch
  • For tilted feet/ankles
  • For frequent walking/running

Product features

  • Specifically designed for running (marathons and triathlons).

The Solelution Sport - Running Insoles have been used with great success for years by many professional athletes and runners. The popular running insoles offer the best shock absorption and support during the landing phase, leaving ankle instability, painful knees, tired and overused feet and many other complaints in the past. The Solelution Sport - Running Insoles are also perfectly usable for flatfoot. Available in the sizes 3 - 12 (EU 36 - 47) and sold per pair.


Special Features Solelution Sport - Running Insoles

The Solelution Sport - Running Insoles are being used with great success for years by thousands of runners and athletes, and praised by many renowned international therapists and specialists. Therefore, our medical team recommends the insoles in particular for the above-mentioned indications. Leading therapists specifically designed the insoles to be used in running shoes, and they are also perfect for flat feet. This is because the sports insoles provide optimum support to the rear- and midfoot (see overview of support points) and offer the wearer optimum shock absorption in the landing phase. Furthermore, the insoles are wear-resistant and moisture-absorbent and produce minimal friction.


The combination of all these unique qualities is the reason why the Solelution Sport - Running Insoles have been used with great success for many years and lauded by many runners and professional athletes. The Solelution Sport - Running Insoles have guaranteed optimum performance for many years!


The base is made of durable EVA material, which is comfortable, supportive and covered with wear-resistant Clima Tex+ to ensure minimal friction and optimal moisture absorption.

Which size?

The insoles are suitable for any type of running shoe and are available in the sizes 4 - 12 (EU 37 - 47).


Thickness forefoot: 0.5 cm.


When in doubt, always select the larger size. The insoles are made of a material that, if need be, can easily be trimmed to fit the right size.


Size Length insole
37-39 27,5 cm
40-42 28,5 cm
43-44 30,5 cm
45-47 32,5 cm


Podobrace Tip!

To counter the symptoms and pain of, among other things, shin splints as well effectively as possible, our specialists and therapists also recommend these compression stockings. The compression stockings have been used with great success by many top athletes for many years to remedy shin splints in the most effective way possible.

Article numbers

EAN Size
8719325203387 37-39
8719325203394 40-42
8719325203400 43-44
8719325203417 45-47
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