Hip Protector

Sports Hip Protectors

Sporting frequently? Like football or ice-skating? Then wearing a hip protector can be a valuable asset. While exercising, you can fall easily. Wearing a hip protector can be recommended to prevent injuries. It will optimally support your body while working out.

Hip Protectors for the elderly

We, at Podobrace, have also taken the elderly, who are less mobile, in consideration. In our assortment, you will also find hip protectors for the elderly. Some have trouble walking and can therefore benefit from wearing a hip protector. Take the Gladiator Sports Goalkeeper Protection Shorts, for example. It is mostly used by goalkeepers, but can also be worn by the elderly, who are less mobile and therefore have a higher risk of falling. The elderly also have weaker bones and hips, and a surgery is always a serious intervention. Because rehabilitation can take a very long time, it might be useful to wear a hip protector to optimally protect the hips.

Buying a Hip Protector

Managed to find what you like? Then easily order it in our webshop. You'll find a size chart on every product page. This will allow you to accurately determine which size you need. Prefer additional help or advice before buying a hip protector? Then feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you.