Sliding Shorts

What are sliding shorts?

In many sports, you often make a slide. This puts a lot of strain on your upper legs and can easily lead to abrasions. This is why sliding pants have been developed. Sliding shorts are protective devices that you can wear under your normal pants. It protects your upper legs from abrasions when you make a slide. Sliding shorts are also very comfortable, they wick away sweat quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable during exercise.

What are the benefits?

The biggest benefit of sliding shorts is the protection they provide. These pants protect your body from abrasions, reducing the chance of cutting your upper leg when you slide. You can also think of the sliding pants as thermo pants. These also provide optimal protection from the cold. Finally, sliding pants also work as compression pants. Because it is so tight around the legs, it also offers compression. This helps against fatigue and reduces the risk of injuries.

Do you want to buy a sliding short?

Have you made a choice and do you want to buy sliding shorts? You can easily do this in our webshop. On the page of the desired sliding pants you will find a size chart. This way you can see exactly which size pants are right for you. Do you want more information on our sliding pants? Please feel free to contact us at 003185-2010818. We are here to help you every day.