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Medidu Ankle Support

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Medidu Ankle Support

Product number: 3641
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Daily Use Relaxation Sports

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Medidu Ankle Support:

  • Perfect for all minor ankle complaints, a number of examples below:
  • Perfect for swelling (mild contusions) or circulatory problems in the ankle
  • Perfect for capsule problems (specifically for fluid accumulation around the ankle)
  • Perfect for (beginning) varicose veins around the ankle
  • Perfect for stiffness after injury
  • Perfect for overuse
  • Perfect for contusions



There are no known conditions that discourage the use of the Medidu Ankle Support.

Product features

  • A European bestseller! Only now with a temporary 50% discount!
  • Perfect for mild ankle complaints, daily use, work and sports.
  • Easily fits every shoe! Perfect for contusions, overuse and mild instability.


Looking for the best ankle support for mild ankle complaints? Then the Medidu Ankle Support is the best choice for you! This ankle brace is perfect to use for, among others, contusions. The Medidu Ankle Support is easy to put on and fits every shoe.

Special Features Medidu Ankle Support

Looking for the best ankle support for minor ankle complaints? Then the Medidu Ankle Support is the best choice for you! The Medidu Ankle Support is specially designed to stabilize the ankle when you're dealing with, among other things, contusions, overuse and minor instability after spraining your ankle. The brace has a perfect fit and can easily be worn when walking bare feet or walking with shoes on.   


The Medidu Ankle Support is perfect for day-time use, work and/or sports. The ankle support is very light in weight and thin and divides the pressure in the ankle, it retains the body heat and improves blood circulation which results in a promotion of the healing process and pain reduction. The Medidu Ankle Support also prevents swelling and stiffness after injury. In addition, the Medidu Ankle Support is very easy to put on because of the open toe and heel, and therefore fit every shoe perfectly. (Looking for a brace that can offer you even better support? Then we definitely recommend the Medidu Premium Ankle Support, Because this Medidu Ankle Support is only for minor ankle complaints). 


Want to see our full assortment? Then check out our Ankle support category. 


  • Perfect fit and can easily be worn with or without shoes.
  • Divides pressure on the ankle, retains body heat and improves blood circulation.
  • Easy to put on, very thin, lightweight and easily fits every type of shoe.

Which size?

The Medidu Ankle Support comes in the S-XXL and for the right size you are to measure the circumference of your ankle above the ankle bone (see picture).


Note! When in between 2 sizes, we recommend you to choose the bigger size, the ankle support runs small.  


Size Circumference
S 5.98 - 7.99 inch  (15.2 - 20.3 cm)
M 7.99 - 10 inch  (20.3 - 25.4 cm)
L 10 - 12.01 inch  (25.4 - 30.5 cm)
XL 12.01 - 14.45 inch  (30.5 - 36.7 cm)

Article numbers

EAN Size Color
8719925601125 S Black
8719925601132 M Black
8719925601149 L Black
8719925603181 XL Black
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24 september 2021
The brace is comfortable and breathes well!

25 januari 2021
Very good brace!

14 augustus 2020
The brace fits comfortably and helps a lot with walking

23 april 2020
Of all the ankle braces I needed, this one was by far the best!

09 april 2020
Brace offers great support!

08 oktober 2019
Supports my ankle perfectly.

29 september 2019
Good replacement for tape!

10 juli 2019
I had a bad injury while playing soccer, but a week later with this brace and I am playing again as if I never had an injury
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