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Dunimed Manu Thumb Support

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Dunimed Manu Thumb Support

Product number: 9262
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Protection Level 3
Highest Protection

  • For moderately heavy to the heaviest complaints
  • Maximum support and protection

Indications for use

If one or more of the following indications apply to you,

you would benefit tremendously from using the Dunimed Manu Thumb Support:


  • Perfect for all thumb injuries, a number of examples below:
  • Perfect for osteoarthritis of the thumb base joint (MCP -I) (thumb joint breakdown)
  • Perfect for osteoarthritis of the thumb joint (CMC -I) 
  • Perfect in rheumatic disorders of the thumb joint (arthritis)
  • Perfect for capsule problems, such as the thumb base joint (MCP -I), thumb saddle joint (CMC -I)
  • Perfect for instability, such as in the thumb base joint (MCP -I), thumb saddle joint (CMC -I)
  • Perfect for tendon irritation / inflammation of the thumb joint 
  • Perfect for severe ligament sprains of the thumb capsule
  • Perfect for sprains / strains / bruises (distortion)
  • Perfect for joint disorders of the thumb
  • Perfect for overstretching
  • Perfect for gamekeeper's thumb (skier's thumb / UCL tear)
  • Perfect for rehabilitation after surgery or trauma to the aforementioned joints
  • Perfect as support after injuring the ligament of the thumb joint (skier's thumb / gamekeeper's thumb)



There are no known conditions which discourage the use of the Dunimed Manu Thumb Support.

Product features

  • Perfect for fairly serious to heavy thumb complaints for daily use, work and sports!
  • Equipped with a splint. Suitable for both day and night. Used by thousands of people!
  • Offer! We give you the cheapest price! Temporary 50% discount! 


Looking for the best and most comfortable thumb brace for all sorts of thumb complaints? If so, then the Dunimed Manu Thumb Support is the best choice for you! This thumb brace is highly recommended by our specialists and therapists for all sorts of thumb complaints, and is therefore used with great success for many years.

Special Features Dunimed Manu Thumb Support

The Dunimed Manu Thumb Support is specifically recommended by our specialists and therapists and used with great success for years for all sorts of thumb complaints (including the examples above). The thumb brace is designed by leading specialists for optimal support and protection for all kinds of thumb injuries for everyday use and prolonged use. The success behind the Dunimed Manu Thumb Support is the anatomically shaped thumb orthotic that provides stabilization for the thumb. The orthotic can be customized to the individual anatomy, which allows the thumb base joint to immobilize or release as desired.


This results in a tremendous degree of stability, allowing the thumb joint and capsules to get the perfect amount of support and protection at all times. The material of the thumb brace is easy on the skin and prevents excessive perspiration. The Velcro closure ensures that the thumb brace is easy for everyone to apply, ensuring optimum comfort and fit. The specialists who developed the Dunimed Manu Thumb Brace have ensured that effective relief of the thumb is coupled with comfort. As a result, the thumb brace has enjoyed widespread popularity for many years and is used by thousands of people for all kinds of thumb problems and for preventative purposes (gamekeeper's thumb). Podobrace is proud to offer the Dunimed Manu Thumb Support and our medical team highly recommends the use of the brace for all the above-mentioned indications.  


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Which size?

The Dunimed Manu Thumb Support comes in Black and in two different sizes. The Dunimed Manu Thumb Support is universal and can be worn on both the Left and the Right hand. So no side has to be selected.


For the right size, you are to measure the circumference of your wrist. 


See illustration and size chart below.


Size chart:


Size Circumference
Size 1 5.51 - 6.3 inches (14 - 16 cm)
Size 2 7.09 - 8.66 inches (18 - 22 cm)

Article numbers

EAN Size
8720195933175 Size 1
8720195933182 Size 2
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