Thermal Top

What does a Thermal top do?

When you move, for example cycling, running or sports, you produce body heat. With a normal shirt, this body heat moves away from the body quite quickly, allowing the cold outside air to join it. A thermal shirt actually retains this body heat, keeping you better warm.

When can you wear a thermal shirt?

Thermal clothing is worn in cold conditions when the body cannot keep itself warm enough. This could be on the ski slope, for example, or while exercising or when it is just really cold outside.

Can I move normally with a thermal shirt?

A thermal top is worn tighter than a normal shirt, but you can still move as freely in it as a normal shirt.

How tight should a thermal top be?

A thermal shirt should be tight around the body, but not so tight that it pinches. If a thermal shirt is too loose, it cannot adequately transfer your body heat

Want to buy a thermal top?

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