Upper Leg Bandage

What's an Upper Leg Bandage?

An upper leg bandage is a stocking for your upper leg which can be put on as if you were putting on pants. The upper leg bandage acts as a support for many different common upper leg complaints. All our upper leg bandages can be worn on both the left and the right leg.

When am I supposed to wear an Upper Leg Bandage?

We always advise to only wear an upper leg bandage when you're actually experiencing complaints. For example, during work. So never wear the brace when you're not experiencing complaints. You can wear all our upper leg bandages perfectly during sportive activities or other activities.

What's the difference between an Upper Leg Bandage and an Upper Leg Support?

The difference between an upper leg support and bandage is that a bandage is made of softer material. This will allow you to easily put on the bandage as if you were putting on a sock. Due to the softer material, the bandage can not be worn when suffering from severe knee disorders. This is why we always recommend to wear a bandage only for the less severe complaints. If you're suffering from more severe knee disorders, we recommend you to wear an upper leg support.

Most common complaints: