Walking Sticks

What is a walking stick?

A walking stick is a cane that supports the joints while you're walking. It is most often used by the elderly. They often experience joint related problems much sooner than the younger. A walking stick is also being used for Nordic Walking. However, we only sell the ones that help you medically, meaning the ones that support the joints and help you with your balance. The handles of our walking sticks all have an anatomical shape. This will ensure that your weight will be divided equally. A rubber stud is equipped at the bottom of the walking stick, for extra grip

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a walking stick?

In the eighteenth century, they were indispensable in fashion; canes were an extension of the costumes of the time. Today, they are used only for support, and for long walks, you have Nordic Walking sticks. If you’re interested in buying a walking stick, Podobrace is your best choice! But what should you pay attention to when purchasing a walking stick? And how exactly do you use it? We’ll explain it to you below.

Why use a walking stick?

A walking stick is used for support when walking. It relieves the knees, ankles and back when experiencing pain complaints or after surgery. It contributes to feeling safe and ensures that you will remain active.