Wrist Bandage

What's a wrist bandage?

A wrist bandage is a sort of dressing which can be put on as a whole. In this case, the bandage is placed around the wrist and thumb. In some cases, it's wrapped around the palm of your hand.

What's the effect of a wrist bandage?

A wrist bandage will prevent the wrist joint from making movements that can cause pain. This will ensure that your wrist muscles will get more rest than usual, causing complaints to disappear faster.

When am I supposed to wear a wrist bandage?

We always advise to only wear the wrist bandage when you're actually experiencing complaints. In most cases this is while working or during household activities. This requires a lot of use of your hand and wrist. Never use and wear the bandage when you're not experiencing complaints. This will allow the wrist and hand to recover on its own.

What's the difference between a wrist bandage and a wrist support?

A wrist support is made of harder material. This means that it will restrict the wrist joint even more. This is why a wrist support is only compatible if you're suffering from the more severe disorders and complaints. If that's the case, we advise you to wear a wrist support.