Wrist Support

When should I wear a wrist support?

It is common for people to experience complaints and pain in the wrist joint. This is because the wrist is subjected to a great deal of stress daily due to, for example, lifting and lugging activities. People who work in an office also experience complaints in the wrist due to a lot of typing and writing. So you can carry out your work without hindrance. And you won't experience any complaints in the process.

Support for various wrist complaints

There are various complaints you can experience with your wrist. We have listed the most common complaints for you. So you will immediately have the right wrist support. Do you have complaints other than those listed below? If so, we naturally also have a wrist brace for you in our assortment.

Moving with a wrist support

The nice thing about a wrist splint is that it can be worn during all activities. As mentioned earlier, complaints can arise from working. So it is recommended to wear a wrist support while working. You can also wear a brace for other activities. Think of cycling or sports. It can be worn at any time.

Wear a brace only for your complaint

You can wear wrist support at any time of the day. To create the right effect, we always recommend wearing the brace during the actual experience of the complaint. So if you do not experience any symptoms at certain times of the day, for example after work, we recommend not wearing the brace. In this way, the effect of the brace will be at its best.

Do my wrist muscles weaken if I wear a brace?

One of the most frequently asked questions from consumers and physiotherapists is "Does a brace weaken the muscles?". A wrist support does not weaken wrist muscles. Muscles only weaken when no movement at all is possible in the joint. Because you can continue to move the wrist as normal, a brace does not weaken the muscles.

What is the difference between a wrist wrap and a wrist support?

Many people think that a wrist support and a wrist wrap are the same thing. However, this is incorrect. A wrist wrap often made of a different material and provides support for mild wrist pain. This feels like a band wrapped around your wrist. A wrist support, on the other hand, is made of stronger material and feels more hardened and is therefore better to wear for medium to severe wrist pain.

Want to buy a wrist support?

Have you found a wrist support that suits you? Then order it easily in our webshop. In the product information of the brace, you will find a size chart, so you can easily determine which size you need. Some braces are one size fits all. In addition, some wrist braces are available for both left and right wrists. Make sure you check the right one. Still want some additional information? Then contact us at 085-2010818. We will give you personal advice.