Can you run with lower back pain
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Can you run with lower back pain?

We all face injuries from time to time. Back problems such as lower back pain are also common, not only in runners. These complaints can make it difficult to run hard. In this blog, we explain whether you can run with lower back pain. Feel free to read on.

What is lower back pain?

Lower back pain involves pain between the tail bone and the lower ribs. This is also known as lumbago or lumbago. In most people, this pain is related to the muscles, ligaments and joints in the back. The pain can also radiate to the pelvis, buttock or leg.

Can I run with it?

It is not always wise to run hard with lower back pain. The shock load is quite high in running, making the pain sometimes difficult to bear. If it does go and the pain is not too bad, then it is fine to run hard. If it hurts during or after running, it is wise to stop temporarily. It's better to go for a walk or a bike ride until the symptoms go away, and then slowly build it up again. However, do try to keep moving, as exercise helps with back pain.

Running and back pain

Running makes sure you exercise your muscles properly. This is because you have to constantly tighten and relax your muscles. Running is therefore perfect for preventing back pain. Moreover, it makes your muscles stronger. If your muscles are not strong, running can actually cause back pain. Usually, there is an underlying issue that can make running an overexertion.

Listen to your body

Ultimately, it is important to listen carefully to your body. If you experience too much pain, it is not wise to run hard with lower back pain. It is best to have a rest in that case. If the symptoms persist for longer and do not disappear, we recommend consulting a physiotherapist. This can help you get on your feet faster and give the right advice. Furthermore, wearing back support can provide support for back pain.

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