common thumb injuries and how a thumb support can help with recovery
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Common thumb injuries and how a thumb support can help with recovery

Thumb injuries can be painful and hampering, since we are always using our thumbs. Fortunately, wearing a thumb brace can be an effective way to aid recovery and reduce pain. In this blog, we are going to discuss some common thumb injuries and how a thumb brace can contribute to the recovery process. Read on quickly below:

Different types of thumb injuries

Thumb injuries come in different degrees and from different causes. We list them for you below.


Tendinitis in the thumb is a nasty injury where there is irritation and swelling of the tendons. If you often make the same movement, these tendons can become irritated, causing thickening and swelling. A thumb brace with compression can help reduce inflammation and support the thumb tendon. The brace also helps stabilise the thumb, allowing the tendons to rest and heal.

Thumb osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition in the thumb joint in which the quality of cartilage deteriorates. In some cases, the bone becomes inflamed. This causes stiffness, pain and difficulty in movement. Wearing a thumb brace can provide proper support and relief.


When you sprain your thumb, the ligaments of the thumb are stretched. This can come from an accident, during sports, or simply from everyday things. Wearing a thumb brace not only provides support, but also allows you to regain full use of your hand.

Thumb fracture

A thumb fracture involves a fracture in one of the bones of the thumb, such as the metacarpal. A thumb brace with a sturdy construction can immobilise and protect the thumb during the healing process. It provides support and prevents unintended movements that can delay recovery.

Thumb instability

Thumb instability involves looseness or weakness in the ligaments of the thumb. A thumb brace can provide additional support and improve the stability of the thumb. This helps prevent unwanted movements and reduces the risk of further damage.

Skier's thumb

A skier's thumb is an injury in which the ligament on the inside of the thumb tears in or out. This is often caused when the thumb gets caught behind something. This causes the inner ligament of the thumb to tear.

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