frequently asked questions about elbow braces
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Frequently asked questions about elbow braces

An elbow brace is a device that supports and protects the elbow. It can be used for injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, elbow fracture or elbow luxation. A brace can also be used to stabilise the elbow after surgery. We provide you more information on how to use this brace below.

For which injuries can an elbow brace help?

An elbow brace can be used for various types of elbow injuries. The most common injuries are:

Can I wear an elbow brace all day?

Generally, it is advised to wear an elbow brace when the elbow is stressed. This may be during sports, work or other activities. If you wear the brace all day, it is important to take it off occasionally to allow the skin to breathe.

Are there any side effects I may experience while wearing it?

There are no real side effects, but the brace may feel uncomfortable if it is too tight or does not fit properly. Skin irritation may also occur.

Are there any specific movements I should avoid when wearing an elbow brace?

When wearing an elbow brace, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some braces are designed to restrict certain movements. If you are unsure which movements to avoid, consult a medical professional.

What are signs that an elbow brace is not effective?

If you wear an elbow brace and do not notice any improvement in your elbow injury, this could be a sign that the brace is not effective or that you may not be using it properly. If this is the case, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with a doctor or physiotherapist to have this looked at or discuss other treatment options.

How long does it take to notice improvement in my elbow injury when using an elbow brace?

The duration of recovery from an elbow injury depends on the severity of the injury. In most cases, you will notice improvement within a few weeks when using an elbow brace. If this is not the case, it is advisable to contact your doctor or specialist.

Does an elbow brace help reduce pain?

Yes, elbow braces can help reduce pain. The brace can support and stabilise the elbow, reducing pain and irritation.

Does an elbow brace affect freedom of movement of the elbow?

In some cases, an elbow brace can restrict the freedom of movement of the elbow. This depends on the type of brace you use. If you have any questions about this, please contact your treating doctor.

Should I wear an elbow brace while sleeping or is it better to take it off at night?

A brace is worn to relieve pain and support the joint. So it is worn mainly at times when you use the joint a lot, such as during sports or at work. At times when you do not use the joint, such as when sleeping or watching TV, you do not need to wear the brace. It isn't recommended to wear a brace 24 hours a day, as this can weaken the muscles.

Looking for an elbow brace?

Elbow support can be an effective tool in treating elbow injuries. It is important to choose a brace suitable for the specific injury and to follow the manufacturer's instructions. We will be happy to advise you on the different types of elbow braces and how to use them. Our customer service team can answer all your questions and can be reached via phone, live chat and email.

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