How do I apply a back support
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How do I apply a back support?

It always looks easy, but there are definitely a couple of things you have to pay attention to when applying a back support. Correctly putting on a back brace has a major influence on the effectiveness of the brace. We, at Podobrace, have listed the most important points for you.

What to pay attention to when putting on?

  1. First, the right size is essential. So, before ordering a brace, make sure you select the correct size. You can find our measuring instructions at the bottom of the product page.
  2. Before putting on the back support, look carefully at the shapes and characteristics of the back brace. This will prevent you from putting on the back brace the other way around.
  3. Put on the back support in a relaxed, natural standing position. This is the best way to determine the tightness, and the brace will fit correctly after one try in many cases.
  4. Make sure all Velcro straps (if equipped) are loosened before putting on and adjusting the brace to your preference.

Why is it so important to put on the back support correctly?

A brace should never cause pain or numbness. Many braces are made according to the anatomical shapes of the human body. So if you put the back brace on incorrectly, it will have the opposite effect.

Do you have any questions regarding the purchase and / or putting on of a back support? Do not hesitate to contact us via live chat, telephone or email. Our team will be more than happy to help you.

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