how long ar eyou supposed to wear a posture corrector
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How long are you supposed to wear a posture corrector?

Maintaining a good posture is essential. For some people, it is difficult to assume the correct posture and to maintain it throughout the day. If one often sits in the wrong position, all sorts of complaints can arise, for example in the shoulders, neck and lower back. Good posture is therefore essential. If you notice that you sink back into a slouching posture during the day, it is advisable to wear a posture corrector. What a posture corrector does exactly, and how long you have to wear it, you can read below!

What does a posture corrector do?

A posture corrector ensures that you no longer sit hunched over in front of the computer or slouch on the sofa. Your shoulders, back and neck remain in balance when you wear the posture corrector regularly. A posture corrector forces you to keep your shoulders back during the day. Especially for people who sit for a long time, wearing a posture corrector is highly recommended. Common complaints with an incorrect posture are: back pain, headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain.

How long are you supposed to wear a posture corrector?

For the best results, we recommend wearing the posture corrector for at least two hours every day. The posture corrector can be worn without any problem during sports, to work or other daily activities. The corrector is comfortable to wear all day long. The anatomical shape ensures that it does not rub under the armpits and offers comfort all day long. The posture corrector is not visible under your clothes, so you can wear it everywhere you go.

How many types of posture correctors are available?

Podobrace has several types of posture correctors in its range. We have correctors with and without busks, posture correctors especially for women, rib braces and torso bandages. These correctors can be used for various complaints. Do you have doubts about which corrector is most suitable for you and for your complaints? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service consists of a team of medical specialists. They will help you decide which posture corrector is most suitable for you. Our customer service can be reached via telephone, live-chat and e-mail.

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