How long do i have to wear a knee support
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How long do I have to wear a knee support?

How long you have to wear a knee support depends on the seriousness of your complaints. It is important to know how long and when a knee support has to be worn. You'll find the right answer below.


When you're suffering from an injury to the knee joint, you often use a knee brace. For example, when you have torn or overstretched your cruciate ligaments, when suffering from bursitis over when your knee is overused or unstable. A knee support offers compression to the joint and muscles, therefore supporting the knee. This will make you feel less pain and be more mobile. You wear a brace mostly while working out, but when you have sustained a severe injury, you can also wear it during the day and while sleeping.

Chronic complaints

When it comes to chronic complaints, it is critical to wear the knee support during as many daily activities as possible. You don't have to wear it all day, but it is recommended to wear the brace during most daily activities.

Sports knee support

How long you have to wear a sports brace depends on the seriousness of your injury. In the first phase of recovery, it's recommended to wear the sports brace during the day. As soon as you start noticing that your pain complaints are decreasing, you have to decrease the moments of wearing your sports brace. To prevent an injury from recurring, it is recommended to wear the brace while exercising. A sports brace usually lasts on to one and a half years. After this period, the degree of support decreases and the risk of sustaining a new injury becomes bigger. We, at Podobrace, have the right brace for every injury. Questions regarding the duration of wearing a knee support? You are welcome to contact our team of specialists via live chat, telephone and email.

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