How to prevent a wrist injury
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How to prevent a wrist injury

A wrist injury is something that affects many people from many different walks of life. From tennis players to those who type on a keyboard all day at work; the wrists can be put under considerable strain from repeated, constant use.

Common wrist problems include tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and they can lead to numbness, tingling, and pain. These issues can range from mildly irritating to something that seriously impacts your daily life.

While it is impossible to fully prevent a wrist injury, there are steps you can take to drastically reduce the chance of it happening. Below you will find some useful ways to prevent a wrist injury.

Practice to prevent a wrist injury

The first tip on how to prevent a wrist injury is to do exercises. Practising the right exercises will strengthen your wrists and prevent injuries and other discomforts. There are a number of exercises and stretches that can help you, and none of them are overly strenuous or difficult. An example of a useful exercise is squeezing a tennis ball, where a tennis ball is pressed as hard as possible for up to ten seconds and this exercise is repeated ten times. Another exercise is wrist straightening, where you extend your arm, put your palm up and use your other hand to pull your hand down.

Wrist support

The second tip on how to prevent a wrist injury is to use a wrist support/brace. By using specialized wrist supports, it is possible to immediately receive additional protection against possible injuries. When using wrist braces, choose a quality product with the right shape for optimal comfort. Podobrace has a wide range of wrist braces for various injuries, with different levels of protection.

Take a break to prevent a wrist injury

The third tip sounds simple, but it is often ignored. When you work behind a desk for hours on end, this puts a lot of strain on your wrists. Try to get up and move around as much as possible while working, and also plan regular breaks. Short, regular breaks are better for the wrists than one longer break.

Eating pattern

Although this is general advice, pay close attention to your diet. Getting enough vitamin D and calcium keeps your bones healthy and strong, including those in your wrists.

Wrist positioning to prevent a wrist injury

The last tip on how to prevent a wrist injury is: wrist positioning. Ergonomics can play a big part in the comfort - or discomfort - you may experience during your office work. Therefore, pay close attention to how your wrists are positioned while working.

One tip for this, is to keep your forearms in line with your hands and wrists. To help with this, you can use a padded wrist rest to protect your wrist, and keep them healthy.

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