How to treat the five most common hand injuries
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How to treat the five most common hand injuries

Your hands are put under a lot of pressure throughout the day. Whether you're at work or playing video games at home, your hands rarely get a rest. Therefore, it is no surprise that injuries to your hands often occur. Because you use your hands all day, it is crucial that you take immediate action when injuries occur. In this article, we explain how to treat five common hand injuries.

1. Sprain

A sprain occurs when your ligaments are damaged. The severity of a sprain can vary. A minor sprain indicates a mild tear in the joint, while a more severe injury can lead to a complete rupture of the joint.

Hand sprains are common. When you fall, you catch yourself with your hands. This causes your hands to bend unnaturally, overloading your ligaments.

Fortunately, sprains generally heal without medical treatment and can be treated well on your own. First, start by applying something cold to the damaged area to reduce swelling. To prevent further aggravation, it is recommended to wear a splint. For the treatment of hand or wrist injuries, you will find the right brace at Podobrace.

2. Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue problems occur when your tendons, which are not as strong as your joints, are injured. This is a common problem because frequent hand or wrist movements lead to soft tissue problems and can affect anyone from baseball pitchers to office workers.

If you suffer from a soft tissue injury, also known as tendonitis, you may need physiotherapy if it is too severe. This can ultimately help you regain total hand/wrist movement.

3. Cuts

Common hand injuries are cuts or tears. These are also easy to treat without having to go to the doctor or emergency room. A bandage around the injury is often sufficient. When the wounds are deeper, it is recommendable to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The doctor will then have to stitch the wound.

4. Bone injuries

A plaster cast is always required for the treatment of bone fractures. Surgery is almost always necessary to repair the fracture. In some cases, a mild fracture can be resolved well by wearing a hand support, or splint.

5. Burns

Burns to the hands are often the result of someone not paying attention while cooking. Fortunately, the treatment of superficial burns generally involves running the burn under cold water. A bandage around the wound may also help.

If the burn has caused the skin to become charred or white, or if the wound oozes or appears infected, see a doctor immediately.

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