Purchasing and maintaining a hand support
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Everything you need to know about purchasing and maintaining a hand support

When experiencing pain complaints in your hand, it is recommendable to wear a hand brace. Podobrace has the ideal hand support for you! We're happy to provide you more information about wearing, using and maintaining a hand brace. Read on below!

When can I best wear a hand support?

A hand brace can be used for many disorders, pain complaints and injuries. A hand support can also be worn when working out, but it can also be used for prevention of complaints. Below, we have put down an overview of the most common complaints for which wearing a hand brace is recommended. Please contact a specialist, or our customer service team when in doubt about whether wearing a hand brace is essential for your situation. It is recommended to wear a hand brace when suffering from the following complaints:

How long do I have to wear a hand support?

How long you have to wear a hand brace, depends on the seriousness and the nature of your complaints. Consult a specialist and ask them what exactly your situation is. You can either contact your own physiotherapist, or our customer service team. This team consists of medical specialists, and they can answer almost every question.

Which size brace is best for me?

It's essential that the hand support wraps around your hand perfectly. Otherwise, it won't support you enough. This is why ordering the right size is critical. You can find a size chart and measuring instructions on the bottom of every product page. Read the instructions carefully before choosing the size. If it turns out that the chosen size isn't correct, you can always request a return via our website.

Can I swim while wearing a hand support?

Unfortunately, you can't wear a hand support while swimming, as it can't get too wet. If it does, the duration and overall quality rapidly decreases. It is allowed to make it a little wet when cleaning it. But do pay attention not to step under the shower, or dive into the pool with your brace still on.

Still have questions after reading this blog? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. This team consists of medical specialists that can answer almost every question. They're available on workdays from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

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