Sleeping with a broken wrist
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Sleeping with a broken wrist

A broken wrist is an annoying and painful condition. It hinders you during your normal activities, and it can also continue to bother you while sleeping. Below, we have a closer look at sleeping with a broken wrist and give you tips to make the night a lot more pleasant. Read on quickly below.

Tips for sleeping with a broken wrist

Sleeping well is incredibly important for recovery. There are several pieces of advice you can follow to still have the best night possible. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach. This creates pressure on the arms and shoulders, which in turn is painful for the fracture. Sleeping on your back or with your arm above your head is best. This will prevent you from lying on your wrist. You can also place a pillow under your arm for support. Finally, you can wear wrist support. This provides the right support and stability and is also comfortable to wear. If the pain is so bad that it prevents you from sleeping, you can consider taking painkillers.

Tips for preventing complications

If you have broken your wrist, you obviously want it to heal as quickly as possible and get rid of the pain quickly. To prevent further complications, it is best to avoid lifting heavy objects. Also, try not to move your wrist too much. If you rest as much as possible, recovery will be faster. Additionally, keep your wrist dry and clean. This will prevent skin irritation or infection.

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